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When people think of weddings the first things that come to mind are a ceremony, a beautiful bride in a white dress with a 3 metre train and maybe a 3-tier cake. It's not often that people even consider the groom and what he may show up in, other than a 'suit' and the sad thing is he's often the one paying for the event, I mean at the start of it all the engagement began with the bride receiving a beautiful diamond ring, what does the groom get? Well we're changing that, we're making the big day as much about the groom as it is about the bride.

Gentlemen are stepping it up in these modern times and stealing the show, in exquisite form fitting suits and tuxedos and the House of Crouse is here to be a pioneer of that change. As men we have the luxury of being able to wear our wedding attire at some other stage in our lives, provided that we don't opt to wear something ridiculous and dated to the trend of that era. There are tons of mens' garment options that are classic and timeless, sure the cuts may change over time but a 007 tuxedo
will hold its appeal for decades. Brides are spending exorbitant amounts on a dress that they will only wear once and either give away or leave to sit in the cupboard to show their kids in 15 years time when it no longer fits.

Gents, if we use our wedding suit or tuxedo once post-wedding that is a 100% better return than your wife on her wedding dress. There is no wedding without a groom and it's time we get noticed.

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