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Gone are the days where a dress shirt was simply a garment worn under all our drapes and layers with a place to host a neck-tie. Today shirts have become our armour, our first and last upper body dress. Gentlemen wear shirts wanting to achieve the same outcomes that one receives when you wear a jacket. A shirt must accentuate a silhouette, giving shape to the shoulders and chest, put a bounce in our step and show dominance. The House of Crouse offers over 500 Egyptian cotton fabrics and 20-30 different collar and cuff styles to choose from, making no 2 shirts alike. It's time to wear shirts that are for you and only you. Quick question... What shirt size do you wear? 15"? 15.5"? 17"? Well we got news for you, thats only the neck size, what about the rest of the shirt?!?!? You can thank us later.

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